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About Us

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HEC History

In 1962, a group of college and university Chancellors and Presidents from the St. Louis metropolitan area agreed that there was a need for coordination through discussion on issues that affect higher education institutions and provide a representative voice for metropolitan St. Louis higher education. From that meeting the Higher Education Coordinating Council of Metropolitan St. Louis (HECC) was formed and incorporated in 1964. HECC is also known as Higher Education Consortium of Metropolitan St. Louis (HEC).

The areas of cooperation among St. Louis colleges and universities during the early years of HEC included educational television, international education, college admissions, women’s issues, theatre, off-campus employment opportunities through cooperative educational, inter-library loans and graduate education.

The Higher Education Consortium of Metropolitan St. Louis mission is to advance communication and cooperative activities among member institutions, secondary schools, related community organizations and individuals; to provide member colleges and universities the opportunity to meet to discuss topics of interest; and to collaborate on projects designed to enhance student’s accessibility to as well as their achievement in higher education.

HEC’s vision is to continue to provide discussion among higher education institutions, secondary schools and related community and business organizations of metropolitan St. Louis on how to meet the demands that confront higher education and to explore avenues that provide educational opportunity for all.

Who We Are

The Higher Education Consortium of Metropolitan St. Louis (HEC) presents a representative voice for higher education institutions in the St. Louis area, and serves as the catalyst, connector, communicator and collaborator of educational programs and services, and career and advocacy initiatives that enhance student’s accessibility to as well as their achievement in higher education and beyond.

HEC offers the community three federally funded TRIO Educational Opportunity Programs: TRIO Educational Talent SearchTRIO Upward Bound, & TRIO Educational Opportunity Center.

What We Do

Through the collective effort of stakeholders, HEC serves as catalyst for change through advocacy and investment efforts in:

  • Education and Career Planning

  • Student Support and Success Services

  • Career and Workforce Transition

HEC’s TRIO Educational Opportunity Programs (EOP) are federally funded by the U.S. Department of Education to support young and adult participants as they progress to and through higher education and into career employment. TRIO Upward Bound, Educational Talent Search and Educational Opportunity Centers provide free academic and financial advising, counseling & tutoring, access to educational resources and summer enrichment programs, and college and career planning. We are your one stop shop for all things higher education.

Who We Serve

HEC serves participants in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area which includes the following counties: St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St, Charles, Jefferson, Franklin, Madison, St. Clair, Clinton, and Monroe. Pre-collegiate programs target middle and high school students and their parents, as well as adult learners in pursuit of a college degree. Through partnerships with secondary schools, institutions of higher education, community organizations, and business, TRIO EOP provide services for over 859 middle and high school students and over 7,000 adults annually.

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