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3 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Benefit from Higher Education

Many people think that higher education isn’t necessary for people who want to pursue

entrepreneurship. While it’s true that you don’t need a degree to launch a business, going

without can put you at a disadvantage — 95% of entrepreneurs hold a bachelor’s degree or

higher! Higher Education Consortium of Metropolitan St. Louis is an advocate for higher

education. Here are three solid reasons why higher education will help you build a thriving

business of your own.

Higher Education Teaches Critical Business Skills

Business owners wear many hats, especially in the beginning when money is tight and

affordable help is hard to come by. You will find yourself doing website maintenance,

copywriting, graphic design, marketing, social media management, bookkeeping, customer

service, and more. As Ladders explains, juggling all of these jobs while nursing your new

business to life involves a steep learning curve. Higher education will help you develop critical business skills so you will have less learning to do while launching your startup.

Pursuing an online business degree will help you learn everything you need to know about

general business operations, as well as skills targeted towards your field of choice, whether it’s marketing, accounting, or IT management. You will also gain a variety of soft skills which will help you develop key leadership and teamwork traits.

Through your higher education, you will also gain important life experiences that will set you up for success as a business owner. For example, getting used to the responsibilities of running a business is a common challenge for first-time entrepreneurs. At school, you will have plenty of opportunities to practice this through mentorship programs and student-led projects.

Educational Institutions Foster Valuable Connections

Another reason to consider higher education is to connect with business-minded peers and

leaders in the business world. At school, you will have numerous opportunities to network with people who can help you sharpen your skills. You may even get a mentor, investor, or business partner out of it.

Many universities offer programs to foster these connections. For example, academic

incubators are great for students who want to try out their business ideas and sharpen their

entrepreneurial skills in a real-world learning environment. If you’re attending university online, look for remote incubators so you can access this influential network from home. Post-graduation, getting involved in your alumni association is a great way to make valuable

connections with other alumni.

A Degree Will Establish Your Credibility

Although you can launch a business without a degree, it can help your chances of securing

funding and landing those first customers. Business Marketing Engine explains that formal

education will establish your credibility to clients and investors. Many believe that degrees make people more qualified to work in a professional setting. Beyond this, pursuing higher education is demonstrative of your work ethic, showing that you’re serious about starting a business and seeing it through to success.

Higher education is especially valuable if you are legally required to earn certain certifications to work in your industry. In many states, you need a license to run a business as a specialist. Your educational background will put you in a much better position to pass licensing examinations and earn the license you need to practice legally.

If you want to launch your own business, going back to school and earning a business degree is an excellent way to lay the groundwork for your entrepreneurial future. Higher education will help you access skills, resources, connections, and opportunities you won’t find anywhere else!

Invest in your success by pursuing a degree and learn the practical skills you need to build an amazing business from day one. Get assistance from the Higher Education Consortium of

Metropolitan St. Louis today.

-Amy Collet is the creator of, a website that helps professionals and entrepreneurs build and strengthen their personal brand.


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