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Program Director


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Ms. Graves's is prided on empowering at-risk students/families who are in economically depressed environments. As an academic leader in TRiO, she helps students to cultivate their authentic leadership styles while helping them to understand their value in society. She is a proud product of urban St. Louis city, a first generation/low income student, and has lived through the economic disparities that plagued the community. Her experience helped her gain extreme perseverance which has shaped her into the profound woman that she is today. Most of her secondary education was obtained in Saint Louis Public Schools which ended with her graduating from Soldan High School. Her post-secondary educational background includes earning a BS degree in Health Management from Howard University, a MBA and Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management from the University of Missouri St. Louis (UMSL), and a M.A. in Leadership & Organization Development from Saint Louis University (SLU).

Her career path includes working in Planning & Development for Edward Jones, serving as assistant director of Pre-Collegiate Student Services for the UMSL, auditing for Northern Star Adult Day Care, teaching as an adjunct professor at Harris Stowe State University, and over 9 years of experience working with federal TRiO programs for SLU Educational Talent Search (ETS) & Higher Education Consortium (HEC) Upward Bound, and educational grant writing. In her professional roles, she has worked to create innovative programs and workshops by paying close attention to target areas requiring service and particularly addressing the educational needs of students and their families. This has help her to bridge the gap students face in pursuit of higher education while increasing students’ career exploration through post-secondary awareness, enrollment, and graduation. With these efforts, she ensures students are aware that pursuing higher degrees in education will enable and empower them to become responsible, self –sufficient citizens that make a positive contribution to society.

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Office Assistant - Student Engagement


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Education Advisor


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Client’s Services Assistant


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