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Cassandra Pinkston
CEO & Executive Director

Cassandra Pinkston, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of the TRiO Educational Opportunity Programs, joined Higher Education Consortium of Metropolitan St. Louis in March of 2018. As a visionary leader, Cassandra’s goal is to take the organization to “reimaginable” heights, making HEC the "One Source for All Things Higher Education."


Cassandra has over 30 years of experience working in the non-profit and public sector.  She has held advanced-level management positions serving as the Grants Manager for the City of St. Louis, Director of Family and Community Partnerships for Grace Hill Settlement House, and Associate Director of United Methodist Metro Ministries. Cassandra earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Missouri – Columbia and a Masters degree in Public Administration from Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville. She was also a member of the Consortium of Leadership Development (CLD) Program Class of 2014.

In 1963, The Higher Education Consortium of Metropolitan St. Louis was established by a group of college and university Chancellors and Presidents from the St. Louis metropolitan area who saw a need for coordination and discussion on issues that affect higher education institutions and to provide a representative voice for metropolitan St. Louis education.


Over fifty-five years later, our journey continues and is a work in progress as we rethink, recreate and reimagine our place within the St. Louis metropolitan community. We will continue to fuel this journey with patience and perseverance and through partnerships with institutions of higher education, secondary schools, community organizations, families and individuals who share our mission, passion and determination to empower students and their families, and to educate our community.


Throughout the years we’ve received support from over 25 local universities, colleges, and public organizations.  We’ve partnered with approximately 50 secondary schools, community organizations and public institutions from St. Charles County Missouri to Madison County Illinois.  We are excited to deepen these relationships and establish new ones.  We are confident that great things will continue to happen in the coming years when we work together.


Today, HEC of Metro St. Louis stands ready to serve as the catalyst, connector, communicator and collaborator of educational, career and advocacy initiatives that will enhance student’s accessibility to as well as their achievement in higher education and beyond…  To be the one source for all things higher education in the metropolitan St. Louis area.

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734 West Port Plaza, Ste. 273

St. Louis, MO 63146

314.985.8834 (office)

314.985-7058 (mobile)

314.985.8835 (fax)

TRiO Educational Opportunity Programs

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